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11 of the Most Popular Taylor Swift Merch Items

Whether you’ve been a Taylor girlie since her country era or you’ve spent the last six months watching Eras concert ticket prices, there’s nothing like showing off your favorite Taylor Swift goodies at the next live show (and beyond). 

No matter which album you like best or which song you play on repeat in the shower, there’s art, merch, and goodies for Taylor fans just like you. So, grab the car keys and start picking out all your favs before the next great performance.

Taylor Swift’s Most Popular Merch

Listen, we know Eras content is all over your TikTok feed right now — and what’s not to love? The fits, the friendship bracelets, the nostalgic flair, it’s definitely our jam, and you can find lots of cool merch that more than matches the vibe. Explore pieces for Eras and all the great albums and shows that have come before in Taylor’s great lineup today. 

1. Eras Tour Tee

Eras is definitely on our minds — and can you blame us? There’s so much great art to pick from for this tour, and you just can’t go wrong with grabbing a tee before you leave the stadium or from your favorite online artists. You’ve got a couple of official tour shirts to pick from, like the Checkerboard silhouette tee, the Stars tee, and the Eras Tour Midnight Album tee.

If you want to stand out with your favorite Eras Tour merch, consider an artist tee from a custom designer, like a butterfly Eras Tour tee or a retro style one. This is one piece of merch you’ll want to wear again and again.

2. Taylor Prints

If you love the art but you don’t want to have to worry about the wash cycle on your favorite design, Taylor-themed prints might be the right merch for your place. You can pick out one print with your favorite song, album, or reference, or mix and match different prints to create a total vibe in your apartment. 

You have a wide range of print choices to pick from, like Karma is a Cat, Anti Hero, and Champagne Problems, and you can pair them with the best color or material of frame to match your home décor style. These prints make the perfect gifts for your Taylor-loving besties.

3. Eras Garden Poster

For all the art girlies who just can’t get enough of the Taylor theme, the Eras Garden poster is the merch to beat. It’s a little more subtle than some of the other Taylor merch, which means you can hang it up without worrying about the rest of your vibe, and it’s perfect for cottagecore fans and flower lovers. 

Each flower on the poster represents one of Taylor’s great albums, and the whole piece is done in the style of her Folklore work. 

4. All Too Well Keychain

Listen, we love a reference — and the “All Too Well” keychain is anything but subtle. This F*ck the Patriarchy retro hotel keychain is a reference to the line “You were tossing me the car keys / ‘F*ck the patriarchy keychain on the ground / We were always skipping town” from “All Too Well” on her Red Album.

Through her career, Taylor has become more outspoken on issues of identity, feminism, and women’s rights, and this line from earlier in her artistic journey speaks on universal experiences of womanhood, relationships where we didn’t feel heard, and hypocritic partners, who say one thing but mean something else. 

5. Fearless Tee

If you’re aching for a little nostalgia, merch from the Fearless era is totally the way to go. Whether this was your first Taylor album, or you came to her later in her career, there’s something totally joyful and romantic about the songs of life, young adulthood, and romance with boys. And what’s better to blast with the windows down when you’re out on the open road?

Explore some of the top tees from this era of Taylor’s music, like the doodle tee, with references to the top songs on the album, the illustration tee, featuring line drawings of princesses and open windows, or the font tee, with classic nostalgic lettering. Sometimes we all want to go back to a simpler era, and this might be the album, and the merch, that lets us escape into nostalgia for just a little bit. 

6. Getaway Car Plate Cover

Take your Taylor Swift love to the next level with décor for your very own getaway car. “Getaway Car” is a song from Taylor’s 2017 album, Reputation, and talks about love with references to Bonnie and Clyde and a life on the run — in the song, from one relationship to the next. 

This cute and simple license plate cover says, “Nothing good starts in a getaway car,” which is a reference to both the lyrics of the song and the kind of trouble you and your besties can get into when you’re out on the open road.

7. Reputation Necklace

If you’re in your reinvention era, the “Reputation” necklace is the merch you need. It’s the ultimate accessory for the glow-up, It Girl, meet-yourself part of life, and it’s the perfect reminder that when the time comes to figure out who you really are, you have to do it on your own terms. It’s also about leaving the people who try to pull you down, friends, family, boyfriends and girlfriends, well in the past as you start your journey to your best and highest self.

The Reputation necklace is also super cute merch because it matches with a lot of different styles and outfits, and you don’t need to find room for it on your wall. Plus, it’s a little bit of a good luck charm when you’re out in the world, forging that perfect path for your future self. 

8. Lavender Haze Candle

Meet me at midnight — taking the best bath, with the best Lavender Haze candle. 

“Lavender Haze” is one of Taylor’s more recent releases, and talks about the sweet glow of the honeymoon phase when we first start to fall in love with someone new. It has underlying themes of Taylor’s feminist focus and references the period of the 1950s, when the phrase was most popular.

We love love, but if you’re looking to enjoy a little of that lavender haze glow, like the kind in the music video that Taylor wrote and directed, without finding a new paramour, a sweet, floral candle is the perfect way to go. Part of the reason it’s so dang cute is because it has a little tongue-in-cheek message with Taylor lyrics on the label, so you know what it’s all about. 

This sweet-smelling candle lets you tuck yourself into a soft, hazy vibe and brings those soothing, ethereal feelings to your space. After all, what kind of love is better than self-love? 

9. Meet Me at Midnight Slippers

Your perfect Lavender Haze spa night at home won’t be complete without a pair of Meet Me at Midnight Slippers to match your lavender haze candle. Taylor’s songs make a lot of references to the middle of the night, but isn’t that when artists — and people in love — do the most? Of course, these soft and cozy slippers are the ultimate reference to the opening line of “Lavender Haze,” and they pair perfectly with your new favorite candle.

One slipper says, “Meet me,” and features a moon and stars, and the other says, “At midnight,” and features a clock and stars. They’re the perfect accessory for nights at home when you’re cozied up on the couch living your best single life. Just pair them with a comfortable Taylor tee or sweatshirt, and you’re set. 

10. Cardigan

We love a cottagecore moment, and there’s nothing that feels more cottagecore than Taylor’s 2020 surprise album, Folklore. After all, what’s better than listening to indie folk and acoustic ballads that feel like love in open meadows and a fresh spring garden?

If you’re all about the escape from the city and a return to the simpler way of life, you’re sure to love the ultimate in Folklore Taylor merch, the cardigan. It’s a reference to the song “Cardigan” on the album, and in the music video for the song, Taylor pulls on a chunky white cardigan with stars at the elbows, a reference to love and feeling special for that special person. 

This Taylor merch is fun and functional, and the other fans who get it will be able to catch your eye from across the room. While the original run of the cardigans has sold out since the album was first released, artisans and crafters have many similar styles, and you may be able to find the OG on resale shops to nail your look

We’re not saying learn how to knit just to make the perfect T-Swift Folklore cardigan, but what would be more cottagecore than that? 

11. Friendship Bracelets

Listen, we know the Eras Tour is all over your FYP, and that means friendship bracelets are back in season, baby. (Camp counselors, rejoice!) The reference comes from the Midnights album and the song “You’re On Your Own Kid,” and it tells a story very similar to Taylor’s own journey — about searching for love and learning how to figure out who you really are and how to depend on yourself through life.

The song is rich with nostalgia, so there’s little wonder why it references accessories and crafts from childhood, with the line, “Everything you lose is a step you take/ So, make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it/ You’ve got no reason to be afraid.”

The best part about friendship bracelets is that you really don’t need to be an expert to make them right at home, though you can always buy them from your favorite crafters if you’re in a time pinch before the next show. 

Otherwise, grab a few alphabet beads and seed beads and custom-make Taylor-themed friendship bracelets with references to your favorite albums or songs. Bring them to the next show, swap them with friends, or use them as accessories in your day-to-day life as a reminder that we’re all on a journey, and at the end of the day, the one you can rely on most is you. That’s what Taylor teaches us, after all. 

Pick Out the Perfect Taylor Merch Today

We all have our favorite Taylor Swift songs, the ones that help us get out of bed in the morning or give us all the feels after a bad breakup. 

Not only is she talented and prolific (and a major part of the entertainment world), but she knows all about those universal experiences: love, loss, creativity, and finding oneself. 

When we’re just not sure where to go on the next step of our journeys, how to find the right person for our love stories, or how to strike out on our own, there’s a Taylor song or lyric that helps us to not feel quite so alone in the world or our experience, and that’s worth celebrating.

For those days when we want to embrace our favorite artist or simply keep her lessons and reminders close at heart, a little merch can give us the confidence to navigate the world. Take the next step into the world wearing your favorite Taylor tee, necklace, or hat, and embrace all that Taylor has taught us about art, love, and life.


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