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What Is the Viral Latte Makeup Trend?

If you love beauty influencers or you’re all about new looks for fall, you’ve definitely come across the latte makeup trend. It’s a little edgy and a little vintage and has that perfect combo of smokey and chic that we’ve all been looking for since the late ‘90s. 

But what exactly is the vital latte makeup trend, and how do you get the perfect look with the tools you already have at home? We’re diving into the beauty deep end so you can begin creating latte looks you love today. 

What is the Viral Latte Makeup Trend

The latte makeup style comes by its name, honestly. It’s the perfect combination of the clean girl aesthetic we’ve been loving all summer and the going-out makeup we definitely still wear because we definitely still go out on the weekend and don’t stay home binge-watching crime dramas. 

While the look gives late summer in the sunshine, it’s also perfect for wearing all fall. Dark academia girlies, we’re looking at you. 

That’s because the latte look is all about natural browns and bronzes. It takes inspiration from the coffee that it’s named after and gives you smooth, creamy textures and hues that remind us of our favorite cup of java. 

The best part is, this look is super adaptable. Because it relies on a range of different brown shades, it’s easy to adapt the latte look to both your skin tone and skincare needs and the event or activity you’re attending. It can be dressed up or down to fit your lifestyle and always gives a glimpse of effortless elegance. 

Another reason we really love the latte look is that you don’t need to be an expert to give it a go at home. If you like wearing a full face to the office, this style is chic and elegant and will make you feel confident in every meeting. If you’re on the less-is-more side of the makeup scale, you can achieve a really unique and stylish appearance with just a few products and a few minutes in the morning. 

It’s a versatile style with lots of different options — hello, faux freckles — and the beauty girlies definitely know how to get us in the fall mood. 

How Can I Get the Viral Latte Makeup Look at Home? 

With all these different options and styles to pick from, how do you know where to start? The good news is, as long as you stick to browns, nudes, and natural metallic shades, there’s no wrong way to get the latte look down pat. In fact, you probably don’t even need to pick up any new products. The palettes in your kit most likely have everything you need to recreate this viral TikTok fav. 

All that said, here are a few simple steps you can take to begin creating latte looks on your beautiful face today. 

The Color Wheel

The most important thing to consider when creating a latte look of your own is colors. The colors make the style, and in this case, the colors are browns, nudes, and bronzes. This moves us into a sun-kissed, end-of-summer style and will definitely be the darker appearance we’re loving for fall. It takes a lot of inspiration from the clear girl aesthetic, so while it will look like makeup to a certain extent, the goal is natural, organic, and smooth. 

The good news is that you likely already have the browns and nudes you’ll need in your kit, even if you don’t use them very often. We love a trend that doesn’t require a shopping trip! 

Sunkissed and Light Coverage

Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to coverage, but if you prefer the lighter, softer touch, this may be the look for you. While you can definitely achieve a latte face look with more complete coverage, you’ll find that the lighter products, like tinted moisturizer, do the job very well. They help to reduce the redness in your cheeks and ensure a smooth, even tone while still looking light and natural. 

Always go with the level of coverage that makes you feel comfortable, but don’t be afraid to lighten up the touch when it comes to latte styles. 

Cover the Pink 

No matter what kind of coverage you decide to go for, you’ll want to try to cover up pink spots, especially around the cheeks and on the nose. Latte is a very brown and nude-based color scheme, so color-correcting tinted moisturizers and concealers are going to be your friends when it comes to coverage. 

Contour With Bronzer

The other way to make sure you’re mixing and matching the best browns and nudes is by using bronzer for contour. You can do part regular contour and part bronzer to achieve a shimmer and chic latte look, or use just the bronzer in the place of any highlights you might apply to your cheekbones or nose. The deeper, glittery color adds shadow and movement and helps you achieve the perfect latte look. 

Smudgy Eyes 

One of the reasons we love the latte look so much is that you can really experiment with styles, and there’s no place this is more true than with the eyes. For your typical everyday look, you’ll want to use light or dark brown or nude eye shadow and apply it with your fingers or large brush to get a really natural appearance. 

The most important step when it comes to the eyes is the eyeliner. Rather than following strict, straight lines, which is often our go-to for brightening our appearances, you want to make sure that the eyeliner gets properly smudged out for a really natural and organic appearance. Crayon or pencil liner is better than liquid for this look since you’ll be able to dab at the edges for movement and flow. 

Lastly, skip the black mascara. Since the latte look is all about nudes and browns, dark brown mascara will help to complement and complete the overall style.

Elevate the Lids 

The other option you have for the eyes is to elevate them for a night out on the town. The best way to do this while still sticking to the latte look is by combining it with a smokey eye. Traditionally smokey eyes tend to be quite dark, but if you’re using darker browns and bronzes, as well as brown mascara, you’ll be able to achieve a nighttime latte look that’s bold, chic, and natural all in one. 

Faux Freckles 

Faux freckles aren’t exclusive to latte looks, but they do help to add that little something special to this trending makeup style. That’s because so much of the latte look is natural shades and vibes, and freckles can be a fun way to add dimension and movement. 

There are many different ways to get a faux freckle appearance that really looks natural, including products designed specifically for adding freckles to your nose and cheekbones. Otherwise, you can try out the look with brown eyeliner, to see if you like it. Make sure to start small and add in the freckles carefully, and then smudge and dust them in so they don’t look too bright for the rest of your face. 

Add just a few across the bridge of your nose, or go for a whole freckle cutie look to really complement the latte style. 

Follow Your Favorite Trends With Our Team Today

We love a new makeup look, which is why we’re always scouting what’s trending on TikTok and beyond — and why we’re sharing all those details with you. Changing fashions and styles make it fun and easy to create a vibe that’s totally your own, and our team of social sleuths is here to help every step of the way. 

Just check out the cute new trend of latte makeup, which takes a little from nude, clean girl styles, and a little high fashion — with a splash of ‘90s, of course — and mixes it all u for the perfect makeup style for both summer and fall. And the best part is you can begin creating it with the products you already have right at home, like brown and nude eye shadows and off-black liners. It can be dressed up or down, and you can apply as much product as you want for a look that feels like you. 

Learn more about latte makeup and the other bold new social media beauty trends with support from our team, and begin trying out your favorites today. 


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