A New Chapter: Is Hailey Bieber Really Pregnant?

A New Chapter: Is Hailey Bieber Really Pregnant?

If you’ve been following the saga of Hailey and Justin Bieber, you know that there have been ups and downs.

It’s a story of public romance, celebrity crushes, outspoken exes, and the types of dresses that dreams are made of. And it might be able to get a brand new chapter, as whispers and social media speculation have us wondering, are the Beibers about to take the next big step — right into parenthood?

Explore the relationship that got us here and learn everything there is to know about Hailey, Justin, and any baby Bieber with our team of social media sleuths today.


Hailey and Justin Timeline

Who among us hasn’t had a celebrity crush? The amazing thing is, Hailey Bieber (maiden name Baldwin) actually married hers! In fact, the very first time they met was backstage at one of his concerts when she was just a teenager before the whirlwind affair ever began. Now isn’t that the dream of every teen girl with pictures of their fav up on the wall?

So what brought Hailey out of the fandom and into the wifedom? Here’s a closer look at the timeline of their relationship over the years.


After the Meet and Greet

Hailey was just 12 years old when the two first met backstage — hello, major fan moment! But several years later, circa 2015, they were spotted having a fancy dinner and hanging out in New York. At the end of the year, they went on a big vacation together, and pictures from the trip sent fans running to the social feeds to see just what was happening in JB’s love life.


An Open Relationship

For a few months, the relationship between the two was up for interpretation, but in February of the following year, they announced that they were in an open relationship. Both Hailey and Justin were candid about the difficulties of dating so young and so publicly, and they maintained the general casualness of their relationship until the end of summer.


Starts With a Bang

The August 2016 unfollowing of Hailey by Justin set off a domino effect that impacted their relationship for many years to come. They broke up and publicly stopped being friends. It was during this period of separation that Justin returned to a relationship with on-again-off-again ex, Selena Gomez, which lasted through 2017 and 2018.


Back Together Again

By 2018, it was rumored — and we trust our sources! — that the two had started up their friendship and then something more. They reconnected in Miami at the start of June, and by the end of the month it was clear things were picking up right where they had left off. In fact, there was absolutely no denying that Hailey and Justin were ready to put their differences behind them.


Put a Ring On It 

That’s because, not a month later, Justin proposed to Hailey in the Bahamas. The public Instagram post he made left nothing to the imagination, but secret whispers about their having run off to get married surfaced in the early fall.

They were confirmed by relatives who admitted that the two had been wed, though the exact nature of their marriage was still to be unveiled. Still, they bought a big house in Canada together and hosted a very domestic Thanksgiving for both sides of the family.


Wedding Postponement

Hailey and Justin decided to do things a little backward and host a wedding after getting married, but come spring of the following year, they decided to push the wedding back.

The original Save the Dates were for the end of February, but Justin’s mental health and the barrage of publicity had them taking a step back from wedding planning, though their Instagram relationship seemed to be going strong.


One Year Later

A year after they were officially wed, the two hosted a large wedding for over 150 guests in South Carolina. The site had its own chapel, which is where the couple were wed, and they even hosted a pre-wedding sleepover for friends and family. Given Hailey’s style and Justin’s experience with the spotlight, it’s no wonder why the whole affair was called chic and classy and why all the shots came out so cool.


They Rock the Married Life

For the next year, the two hit the main stage. They posed as a couple for Calvin Klein ads and posted fun and cute Instagram posts about their marriage, birthday celebrations, and for holidays. Hailey even shared a one-year anniversary wedding post.


On the Rocks? 

Over the next year, Hailey and Justin faced their fair share of trouble. Questions came out about the timeline of their relationship and where Selena Gomez fit in, and Justin openly talked about the challenges of marriage. Still, even with all the trouble, they continued to share their love and care for each other on the ‘gram, and even the haters couldn’t call their relationship anything other than what it was, true love!


Is Hailey Pregnant? 

Hailey and Justin are no strangers to pregnancy posts. Early on in their marriage, they posted what turned out to be an April Fool’s Day prank about Hailey being pregnant, which was met with super mixed responses.

But what about the latest? Rather than being an overt confirmation of Hailey’s pregnancy, the latest post has online sleuths, well, sleuthing. These are some of the clues we’ve been looking for that might just mean Hailey and Justin have a secret to hide.


Food for Thought 

In true Hailey and Justin fashion, this message was definitely less than overt. In fact, it’s taken some keen eyes and some deductive reasoning to come to the conclusion that the Beibers might be celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary with a very special announcement.

To start, Hailey’s been showing off some pretty stand-out foods, including full boxes of pink donuts and foods typically eaten by pregnant women.


An Outfit for a Queen — Or a Mama

Perhaps more obvious are the outfits. While everything Hailey Bieber has been wearing is more than runway-ready — and we would expect nothing less — it seems all of her outfits of the summer have included texturing or oversized details in some pretty obvious places.

She’s also been shooting videos from the neck up, as pointed out by many of her fans, and she’s recently been wearing a lot of oversized outfits. What are you hiding, Hailey, baby? Or rather, what are you hiding, Hailey — baby?


What’s the Vibe? 

Of course, Hailey and Justin are no strangers to the word of paparazzi and online detectives, so we think the most telling clue that they’re expecting the next Bieber gen is in how they’re responding to the rumors.

After all, there’s nothing subtle about the way that Hailey has been holding her hand over her belly or even resting both hands on her belly when photographed at events.

In fact, even though fans have been pushing the theory for a little bit, there’s been barely any response from either Hailey or Justin denying the rumors. In one picture, it almost looks like Hailey might be showing a little bit, and fans are quick to make the connection, but so far, not much has been said from the potential parents-to-be.

And we get it! If Hailey is pregnant, she can’t be very far along, so it’s definitely reasonable to expect that they’d want to keep the secret under wraps for at least a little while longer.


Hailey, Justin, and Baby Makes Three

We’re not ashamed to admit it. We love celebrity gossip stories. Whether there’s chatter of a new relationship or a starlet’s wedding dress just dropped, there’s just nothing like keeping up with our faves and following all their romances and milestones.

And that includes milestones like the potential secret baby that Hailey and Justin Beiber might just be hiding. There’s actually quite a lot to indicate that these two are playing it close to the vest, like the types of food Hailey has been eating and the way the fashion model has been dressing in recent Instagram posts. Covering something up? We’re sure to find out sooner than later.

For all the celebrity news and gossip that’s fit to print, we’ve got you covered.


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