The Fyre Saga Continues: What To Expect From Fyre Festival 2

The Fyre Saga Continues: What To Expect From Fyre Festival 2

Whether you watched every minute on your favorite celeb’s Instagram stories or you tuned into the Netflix and Hulu documentaries that followed, you’ve definitely heard of the Fyre Festival disaster that took place in 2017. Rather than a luxury music festival experience, the weekend turned into a mess of poor planning, ridiculous accommodations, and cheese sandwich shots that nearly broke the internet.

And it’s all happening again. Recently, news of the newest Fyre Festival — Fyre Festival 2 — broke, and we’re not sure whether to be excited for what could happen or excited to see everything that might go wrong this time around. Keep an eye out for the details on this unfolding festival news and what we know about it.

A Quick Recap of the OG Fyre Festival

We all loved seeing what went down with the OG Fyre Festival (maybe it was a little bit of FOMO, we’ll admit it). But what actually happened to lead to such a music festival disaster? Billy McFarland, a known con artist, partnered up with the rapper Ja Rule to create the ultimate luxury music festival — all hosted on the island that had once belonged to Pablo Escobar.

From the first, things didn’t line up. Super popular influencers were invited and paid a lot of money to promote the event, and expensive tickets sold like hotcakes. The whole thing was promoted as super luxe, super exclusive, and the place to be for music performers and social media influencers.

Except those music performers never got paid. And when the event finally rolled around, it turned out that there were luxury glamping accommodations and gourmet meals made by famous chefs. Instead, there were FEMA tents and those infamous cheese sandwiches in styrofoam containers.

The bigger issues were that there was no medical and no security, and because the bands hired never got paid, there was no music at the music festival. There weren’t enough beds, bags were stolen or broken, and usable facilities were few and far between. McFarland’s original plans fell through several times, and he ended up trying to plan a nearly $100 million dollar festival in just a few weeks’ time.

In October of 2018, McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison and ordered to hand over more than $26 million in assets. He pleaded guilty to wire fraud, both in frauding investors and ticket holders, and a second account of fraud for ticket vendors. Following, there were several major documentary series and television episodes about the event and the many factors that led to such an unsavory outcome.

And that brings up to April 2023, when Bill McFarland announced that there would be a second festival, Fyre Festival 2.

What To Expect From Fyre Festival 2 

In March of 2022, Billy McFarland was released from jail, and just over a year later, spring of this year, he announced his plans to launch Fyre Festival 2 in 2024. His goal, ostensibly, remains the same — to host a bigger, better Coachella in the Caribbean. There’s no denying that people are definitely going to talk about it.

So what can we expect from the future of Billy McFarland and Fyre Festival 2? More of the same scrambling, last-minute efforts, or something that stands out as a modern Woodstock? It’s hard to tell. Tickets may already be on sale, but we don’t yet know much about the second coming of Fyre Festival — and it doesn’t seem like Billy does either. That said, we’re sharing a closer look at the details and info that has been released and a closer look at what we can all expect from the future of Fyre Festival.

Still McFarland’s Gig — But Not Ja Rule 

No matter what happens, Fyre Festival II is very much McFarland’s brainchild. Supposedly, in his time in solitary confinement, he worked on a 50-page opus about how he was going to produce the ultimate Fyre Festival for the future. He even spit out ideas about shows and performances that told the story of the original. Most recently, he took to social media to talk about the next iteration of the festival.

There’s no doubt that McFarland is at the heart of Fyre Festival, but Ja Rule is making strides to distance himself. He was released from the lawsuits against McFarland and has announced that he has no plans to be involved with the next iteration.

Yes, It’s Legal! 

It might seem totally crazy, but this whole thing is actually legal. McFarland committed a white-collar crime, which often includes a requirement not to engage in the same kinds of activities for which a person was tried.

In McFarland’s case, there were no stipulations put into place, which means he can produce the same kind of show — or the same exact show 2.0 — without worry. In fact, he probably got permission from the courts to get started. If the festival goes forward as planned, he’ll actually need to get permission to leave New York in order to attend.

No Place, No Names, No Details

One thing is for certain, there’s buzz. But what good that buzz can do is anyone’s guess. In his social media video about the new festival, McFarland seemed totally pumped and ready for the challenge.

But as of yet, there are no details on where the festival will be held, who will be performing, or what kind of accommodations will be available to those who attend. McFarland also hasn’t made much comment about how this version of the festival will differ from the one that came before.

From where we sit, it’s difficult to tell if he’s hoping for things to go well, as vindication for the first, or if he’s happy to cash in on another last-minute disaster that puts his name on all the headlines. Only time will tell — but if he’s planning for the event to take place in 2024, he’s running out of time.


Coming Back to the Caribbean 

We definitely don’t know the deets about the future of Fyre Festival, but the one thing McFarland seems to be saying is that it’s sure to be set in the Caribbean. This time around, he’s making no promises about the island belonging to any famous drug runners, but he is claiming it’ll be the Coachella of the Caribbean, we’ll see if he’s able to pull off his big dreams where the seas are blue, or if the remote island format causes more complications in the future.


Tickets Are On Sale — But Should They Be? 

McFarland recently released the first batch of pre-sale tickets after posting the video announcing that Fyre Festival II was coming, and all 100 sold out on the first day. Of course, show and festival fans know that VIP events often sell out in minutes, so taking the full 24 to offload just 100 tickets definitely indicates some skepticism about this new iteration of Fyre Festival.

We’re of the mind that folks have the right to be careful, considering the pre-tickets are selling for $499, and there’s not much info about what that actually gets ticket holders. Supposedly, the entry price includes a ticket to the festival, access to pop-ups, experiences, and “community” — whatever that might mean.


Coming Soon Section 

If you think those pre-ticket costs are high, hold onto your hat for the range of tickets and options McFarland’s been promoting. Under the site’s “Coming Soon” section, which definitely isn’t auspicious for an event like Fyre Festival, you can see options for potential tickets and tiers, and the prices will make even the Eras Tour resellers balk.

Without much more info, we know that future ticket options will range from $799 to $7,999. What will that cover? No one really knows — and we have to assume that includes McFarland himself.


Fyre Festival II or Down in Flames? 

There’s no denying that Fyre Festival, the original, made a very expensive splash on the world. After all, when both Hulu and Netflix make a documentary about how things went wrong, it’s safe to assume that things went wrong.

But maybe the last few years have given Billy McFarland something to think about, and maybe this time, when he gets behind the wheel of the next Coachella, it’ll actually deliver on the promise of pure luxe, pure glam, and pure sound.

For now, we don’t know much about what Fyre Festival II might look like and how it’ll differ from the last version, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for the deets as they trickle in. Let’s just say we’re on Fyre watch.


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