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10 Items You Need To Create the Perfect Barbie Costume

How many times have you and your bestie seen Barbie this year? (And is the Ken song totally stuck in your head?) We love everything about the new Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig extravaganza, and we mean it when we say that we want to be just like her when we grow up — or maybe just at the next Halloween party.

if you’re all about the Barbie costume ideas, we’ve got you covered. And you may even have a few of these pieces already in your closet. Find out how you can create the perfect Barbie costume for the next TikTok trend today. 

The Perfect Barbie Costume

Listen, we love a stereotypical Barbie, and everyone should have at least one look she’d serve somewhere in their closet. But the perfect Barbie costume is going to vary depending on which Barbie you want to be. Are you Mermaid Barbie, with pink or turquoise hair? Veterinarian Barbie, with a cat and a dog, or Astronaut Barbie, with a silver suit? 

We’re sharing a closer look at the top pieces that will help you to create a few of the most iconic styles from Barbie history. 

1. A Pink Dress

When it comes to Barbie, it all starts with the pink dress. The good news is that the type of pink dress you wear is really up to you. Maybe you’re into the short and glittery skirts for an early aughts Barbie, or you love the pink gingham fit from the film. 

One of the things Barbie is known for is having a snatched waist, so her dresses are typically a little form-fitting, but the look should reflect the type of Barbie you want to be, so don’t be afraid to go for something comfortable.

One thing you do want to keep in mind is that if you’re going for a more stereotypical Barbie look, the dress is going to set the tone for the rest of the outfit. Think about the types of accessories you’ll want to use, and make sure they support the dress as the star of the show.

2. Matching Heels

Did you just gasp when she stepped out of her heel? The curved Barbie foot is almost as iconic as the fluffy kitten heels that came with so many of our favorite Barbie sets. And for those of us lucky enough, there were children-sized versions of the clear, plastic heels, which was definitely our introduction to the pain of womanhood.

Of course, the right heels for your Barbie look are going to depend on the type of dress you’ve put at the center of the outfit. A more pastel and softer Barbie dress may have white or light pink heels, whereas a party Barbie dress can have slimmer, darker, or bolder heels. If you really want to sell your favorite Barbie look, consider pinning some fluffy pom poms to the tops of your favorite heels for that extra feminine and pretty-in-pink touch.

3. Pink Sweater

Barbie has gone through a lot of iterations over the years, but she first got her start at the very end of the 1950s. If you want to capture a little of the nostalgia associated with those early Barbies, you may want to add a cropped sweater to the look. 

This is a reference to Poodle Skirt Barbie, who wore a black cardigan, a large pink poodle skirt, and the classic 1950s saddle shoes in black and white. You can choose a more nostalgic Barbie to represent if you want, but a pink sweater can add a touch of the classic without feeling overwhelming. 

4. Cat Glasses

Of course, another nostalgic accessory that would really elevate a Barbie costume is a pair of cat glasses. Cat glasses are the iconic glasses tilted up at the corners, and they give a look similar to the cat eye eyeliner style. 

You can find them in both regular glasses and sunglasses, and they’re sure to add a touch of that classic Barbie nostalgia to your favorite look. Plus, they’ll keep the sun out of your eyes all day, so you can watch Ken do his job — beach. 

5. Jaunty Hat

Another way to take your Barbie look to the next level is by adding a hat. In the Barbie movie, she wears a ton of fun and stand-out hats, like a floppy sun hat and a beret that Emily in Paris would totally kill for. The right type of hat will vary depending on the kind of look you go for and the type of dress and shoes you pick out, but the perfect headpiece can totally take your Barbie costume to the next level. 

6. Big Pearls

When it comes to accessories, you’ll also want to consider jewelry. In the film, Stereotypical Barbie is seen wearing a large string of pearls to match her pastel gingham dress. This is a total throwback to the chunky accessories that came with our favorite Barbies when we were kids, and you can totally make a set right at home. Different styles of Barbies will have chokers, bracelets, and rings to match their styles and their jobs, so think about how you can add in a cool accessory when coming up with your perfect Barbie look.

7. Fluffy Boa

Listen, we’ve all done the last-minute costume dance and pulled something out of our closets for the next party or festival. If you just don’t have the time or materials at home to put together the perfect Barbie costume, you can always grab a pink boa at the costume shop when you’re on the way to the party. 

Barbie has a lot of fun and festive costumes, like disco and party, and you can simply layer a brightly colored boa over a neutral body suit or romper to achieve a totally Barbiefied look in just a few minutes. 

8. Striped Swimsuit

If you want to try something a little different than stereotypical Barbie, then there’s nothing more iconic than the very original Barbie. After all, you see a striped swimsuit, and you already know that Barbie has come to play. This is a super simple costume if you have the right swimsuit since all you need to do is pair it with heels and cat glasses. 

If you’re feeling really fancy, it may be worth it to take a stab at curlers to get the perfect bangs, but you probably shouldn’t wait until the last minute to give those a try. 

9. Cowgirl Hat

One of the most standout outfits of the film is the cowgirl outfit, when Barbie is all dressed up in sparkly hot pink western wear, including a pink bandana and a very large cowgirl hat. While this costume is oh-so-fun, you don’t have to run out to get matching Barbie Annie Oakley pieces. 

If you can find the cowgirl hat, however, you can make the most of the pink pieces you already have in your wardrobe, like a pink jumper or bodysuit. The cowgirl hat is so big, that’s all they’ll be looking at anyway. 

10. Neon Visor

Another easy option for Barbie lovers to try is the Roller Skate Barbie from the film. We don’t recommend trying your hand at skating for the very first time when you’re on the way to a costume party, but it’s super easy to DIY the neon visor so your Barbie stands out from the pack. 

Pair it with that brightly colored bodysuit you haven’t let see the light of day, and you have a super cool, ’80s-inspired Barbie costume that doesn’t have to break the bank.

Create Your Own Pink World With a Barbie Costume 

One of the lessons we learned from the Barbie movie is that it’s good to be yourself, whether she’s president, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, or Weird Barbie who does the splits — and the same goes for you today, tomorrow, and the next time you dress up like the Pink Queen herself.

The ultimate Barbie costume can be simple and comfortable, with a pink dress and classic Barbie accessories like cat glasses and fluffy kitten heels. Or you can take your Barbie look up a notch with custom, colored visors or large cowboy hats, homages to the movie we all loved. Barbie may have come with different outfits, but they were meant to be mixed and matched, which means you’re practically playing grown-up Barbie when you find the best pink pieces in your own wardrobe. 

In fact, you may even be able to create an outfit just from the clothes and accessories you already own. And if not, well, there’s always a pink boa. Set yourself up for total Barbie success with a costume that’s sure to be the talk of the TikTok feed today.


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